Smart AP automation built on 20+ years of experience

At the heart of Medius Spend Management you’ll find our best-of-breed AP automation solution. For the past 20 years we’ve worked with AP teams across the globe to drive more efficiency and control while reducing risk and fraud by leveraging smart technology.

All those learnings and best practices are built into our cloud solution so that you can benefit from true automation – right from the start. Visit to learn more about our solution. Then, contact us for a free demo.

Some of the many organizations who trust Medius to automate AP

Report methology

The benchmarks presented in this report are based on anonymized and aggregated invoice processing data from the global Medius customer community. The research include millions of invoices that have been processed through the Medius AP Automation solution by AP teams using the same standardized process.

Medius customer base include organizations in all regions of the world, operating in a variety of industries and handling invoice volumes ranging from 10K to over 1 million invoices yearly. Download the report to discover how these companies perform on the most important AP efficiency KPIs.

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Download the AP benchmarks report to learn how to measure efficiency performance in each step of the accounts payable process. Plus, you’ll get tips on how to improve your KPI score and discover the business benefits you can expect with an optimized process. Get your copy today!